The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a founder and leading partner in Vets’ Community Connections , a community-based initiative designed to involve a wide variety of people and businesses to help veterans transition into civilian life.

As one of three sites across the nation chosen for this pilot program, San Diego is already poised to continue its leadership in supporting veterans. A study funded by the Chamber recently found that what our veterans need now is assistance in connecting to their community. Our veterans are looking for the tools in their community to help them lead their life as a parent, neighbor, volunteer and professional.

VCC was established to be a clearinghouse for businesses, individuals and organizations of all kinds to step up to support veterans in whatever way is most appropriate. Businesses can offer discounts, special rates or prioritize hiring vets. Individuals can offer professional services, guidance, or even friendly suggestions about daily life, like where to sign up for your community’s little league.

VCC offers businesses and individuals a way to thank our veterans in a meaningful way that has a positive impact on the lives of veterans and their families.

How It Works:
Veterans, active duty, and spouses will call a central number or 2-1-1 and be linked with a “Vet Connector,” someone who can listen to his/her question and connect them with the appropriate community member via email or phone. These requests can include subjects such as:

  • I’m thinking of going into xxxx profession.
  • Can you help me learn about what it’s like, what skills are needed? Can you help me get training or a job in that field?
  • I’m considering going back to school in xxxx. Can you help me learn of what a degree in x can offer?
  • I want to know where to volunteer in my community.
  • Can you let me know what businesses provide a veteran, active duty discount as I have a large purchase coming up.
  • I’m looking for a (product)/(service) here in San Diego. Can you answer some questions I have to make sure this (product)/(service) meets my needs?

Your Role:
Answer a call or an email from a veteran/active duty/spouse when a match in your expertise comes in through the VCC program built through 2-1-1 San Diego. That’s it. Simple. Works in your schedule and fits with your non-profit, government or business model.

There are two ways to apply:

  • As an individual offering advice/answer questions in your area of expertise
  • As a business or organization offering a discount or service to a veteran, active duty, or spouse.

VCC is made up of the community. And the Community is YOU.
Visit to apply.

We at the Chamber are thrilled to be a part of this effort, and we know our members are ready to pledge their time, services or resources to joining as well. We strongly encourage all members to participate.

Maurice Wilson

Results-driven visionary with 20 years experience driving dramatic results in the non-profit community-based organization social services sector. Consistently overcomes complex business challenges ...

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